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#1 Jan 06, 2021 1:55 pm

New Historian

Bike Blunders....

I know I've posted this before, but what the hell:

One freezing winter’s day in Washington I was riding with a raging head cold, and I turned around and let loose a load of phlegm from the depths of hell. THEN I remembered: I was wearing a full-face helmet!
Damage: One face full of phlegm.

Riding along Spanish Town Highway in Jamaica and ran into a swarm of bees of the worst kind: the dreaded Jack-o-Lantern. Three of them flew into my shirt and began stinging the hell out of me. So there I was, bowling down the road at about 70mph, screaming my head off, tearing at my shirt with one hand while slowing down and swerving through the trucks with the other.
Damage: Six stings - and one new shirt.

Another time a bee flew into my helmet, straight into my left earhole! Stop, yank off helmet, stick finger into ear and crush the bee – stinging all the way.
Damage: One cauliflower ear.

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#2 Jan 06, 2021 11:04 pm


Re: Bike Blunders....

I missed it, you get away with that one.

Had a mibone hit me just under the left eye on the Westerhall Straight... It figured I was in the wrong and dumped a load of sting right where the bone of the socket is.... Owwwww. Yes I was in the wrong, no helmet.

Following my lifelong buddy in Trinidad on a borrowed RD400, behind my never looks in his mirrors to see if I am there idiot friend, during a white out. Wearing a full face helmet that I can barely see out of, stuck right up his arse because if I lose him I AM LOST... as we crank round a bend a face passes about an inch off my leaning head, OK, it was my head that was zooming past this lucky buggers as we didn't bounce heads. This was the same trip, and same bike that I popped a wheelie.... totally unintentionally crossing a main road by Queens Park Savannah... That bike had a very interesting power band. Come on down Ol girl just let that front wheel kiss the black stuff again....


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