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#1 Mar 18, 2017 5:42 pm

Mt Rich Possi

What's going on Calypso like you ditch talkshop....

You know every week Calypso and Slice always chipping away at each other... But this week Calypso been silent not a word from her.  As of yesterday it left me wondering if she is ok...

One or two thing... Either Calypso is going through social media withdrawal or
She is on her periods and don't want to anyone talking to her while on her periods.. But on the other hand Calypso periods days maybe long gone...

Here is an advice for you Calypso... If you are on your periods I suggest you wear wings tampons..when I was working at Walmart Wings tampons was the most popular item on the shelf..

Anyway Calypso I know busy with your students and having your periods same time is not easy.... I use to hate when my women was having their periods.

Take care of yourself Calypso don't worry periods only last for 5 to 7 days so I assume you will be back chipping away at Slice and I once your periods is over....

Mt Rich Possi


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