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#1 Feb 03, 2021 8:44 pm


Capitalism , Wall Street , Moral decay or what ?

Yes people , I have still be paying attention to US politics but not too intense . Too off the wall .
After years of being a neighbor  to the US   , their  politics are beyond the pale .
Capitalism obsession with profit margins
Money making , speculation , obstruction  order of the day.
The structure of the society have forgotten the reason for  their government . Democracy.
Some youngsters  , fed up  , decided to show how the small man can 'play Wall Street'
" It it still reverberating " Talks in Congress tomorrow , about 'short selling. Robinhood , Gamestop , reddit , lo , I am still learning.

On a different note ,,,  Trump lawyers for his new Impeachment trail got fired , 'not feeling the 'chemistry ' for his trail. lol
Did the Donald pardon himself 'secretly ' . " I could believe that. lmao.
AOC  details how they wanted to kill her.

RD . I told you the Tea Party was a bad idea.


#2 Feb 04, 2021 9:16 am


Re: Capitalism , Wall Street , Moral decay or what ?

You live in a Welfare country.  America is also, but not a fan of welfare countries.  Folks must hard for everything they want and get. I have no problems with folks that makes ah bunch ah monies, once it is legal and they work their ARSESS of to get it.

It drive me nuts that family move in ah few doors down from me and is paying no rent.  Two healthy young folks with six kids living of my pay check.  I hate it.  Keep your stuff in you pants if you know you cant afford kids or use some kinda protection.


#3 Feb 05, 2021 12:00 pm


Re: Capitalism , Wall Street , Moral decay or what ?

Reality check ... Slice my boy .

> once it is legal and they work they ARSESS off to get it. <

That's the problem Slice my boy , lots of Americans don't believe that . ANYMORE
Sooooo shape up.
Check Wall Street. ' You can be a millionaire in a day   .... 'NO hard work'


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