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#1 Feb 08, 2021 2:05 pm


What happens to GrandMa after eating Cookie Dough

This analysis has a happy ending, not something often occurring from these analysis videos of health conditions.

However a key thing to take away is right at the very end, where it is found that she had AIDS.

However it would seem this is via a blood transfusion.

Key is the statement that back when Aids was prevalent, the Companies processing it had large stocks of CONTAMINATED BLOOD, which they repackaged and sold off to countries such as those in South America.

Yet another example why you cannot trust these fricken Bastards. Money and profit is their God. You can trust them and their flimsy trials if you wish. I will wait until there is enough real world data from you guinea pigs to make an informed judgement.


#2 Feb 08, 2021 3:00 pm


Re: What happens to GrandMa after eating Cookie Dough

Boy ah wanna hangout with you when ah come to Grenada.  Me and WHman.  Take it easy nah.


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