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#1 Feb 08, 2021 11:02 pm


HFCS and its negative effect on Covid

A while back our resident pig producer stated that there was nothing wrong with HFCS, it was just another sugar just like Glucose, and Fructose.

Well for starters Fructose aint that good for you, yes, yes it's in fruit, but when offset by the fibre it isn't too bad, but when you DRINK fruit juice which basically has no fibre at all because it was filtered out before being concentrated and shipped around the country to be reconsituted it basically is just another sugar, probably no better than drinking Coke, and hopefully we all know Coke is not good for you... Sugars are not good for us... period.

But HFCS... finally... HFCS prevents VitD from aiding your immune system, and surely we have all heard by now that VitD is needed by everyone over the 35th parallel, like more than half the American population.  Even California has VitD shortage in the Northern regions.

The American food industry has HFCS in just about evrything it makes from meat patties to chips at fast food outlets. It's simply a way to keep you addicted to crap foods.

Now it's not only helping you to become a great wobbling jello squeezing out of your pants, it helping to lower your resistance to Covid.  Potentially it's killing you.

But of course we all know RD just had a loss of smell, but hell, we know the Sun shines out of his arse, but most mere mortals are just a bit more vulnerable.

Everybody could benefit from topping up with VitD, but for people North of the 35th, you need at least 4-5000 units a day, maybe more, as your HFCS intake is actually negating what you are taking in as a supplement.

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