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#1 Feb 15, 2021 4:43 pm


Slice this ones for you

Dude, without too much actual research from what I can see you decided the last video I posted was anti science.

Funnily enough someone else tried to debunk solid logical data. And tried to make some ill considered comments. You are a civillian, you get a pass. Someone who tries to get their 5 seconds of fame doesn't.

Here is that persons reasoning being destroyed. Released just today.


#2 Feb 16, 2021 1:39 pm


Re: Slice this ones for you

For the past few weeks being reading so many articles about false prophets and anti vaxxers.  Most are in it for profits and the rest really have no clue what they are talking.   For all ah know, he might be looking for his five minutes of fame.  Expat I think this issue is now dead and buried. Vaccines are the way to go for COVID.

Millions are vaccinated now, and it is now proven, the damn thing is safe.  Still ah bit hesitant, but when me time come ah taking the plunge.


#3 Feb 16, 2021 6:30 pm


Re: Slice this ones for you

Oh dear Slice, I can hear the bleating from all here.

There is an avalanch of misinformation, you are correct. It is coming from the frightened "Experts" and their deciples the Governments who have commited to a policy that was basically nuts, and a media set that have trumpeted so loud they don't know how to draw back in their horns.

The reason you are reading so many pundits attempting to belittle and close down so many actually science based sites, is because the anti lockdowners, and to an extent the antivaxxers are getting more attention than they can cope with.

They are vigorously closing down every portal possible...

What ever happened to free speach, and allowing people to THINK, and use their own judgement. I know, we did see what can happen when people attempt to think, we got TRUMP, and the Brits got Brexit, but regardless, freedom of thought and speach should not be compromised.

I would not argue there are antivaxxers out there, and misinformation spreaders.

But I will say it just one more time in case you actually read what I write, the 3 main sources off information I parse, are either not antivaxx, or are pro SAFE Vaxx, which frankly if you were ever exposed to the truth you might understand.

Millions are vaccinated now, and while the vast vast majority have just had the mild day or two day reactions, there have been plenty of worse adverse reactions, partly due to lipid carriers in the vaccine being able to cross the blood brain barrier.  Not clever.
There have been several almost instantanious relapses and deaths, there have been people who have neurological damage, in the scale of things not so many, but...

Had the Governments of this World followed the tried and tested methods that the WHO advised right up until just before the covid took off.... funny that....  Life would have carried on as normal, the VAST majority of people would have either had no symptoms, or very mild symptoms and it would have been done and dusted.  All they had to do once they realised it was only really the elderly and the immuno comprimised such as obese and diabetics, then those people could have been sheltered, and the thing would have passed overand been just like a normal flue.

The big difference is CV19 mainly attacks the elderly... unlike equally dangerous flues which mainly attack the young and middle aged, and take out a few grannies along the way.

The key information, distance and hygiene stands. The masks are bloody folly, but hey if it makes you feel good while you transfer germs to your face every couple of minutes go for it. But the Lockdowns are totally and utterly stupid. Cases have not dropped with any significance anywhere they have been imposed, except the origin of the idea China, and we have no idea what they really did.

The only time to lockdown is before it is widespread, better yet before it enters the country, after that it is POINTLESS which is eaxactly what the WHO used to say. There was an increase in cases in some of the places that had lockdowns... how can that be?

To return to your first line, I have said it  maybe a dozen times on here, the people I quote provide the FACTS, and the papers directly from checkable sources, they don't just come on and say "The experts tell us" like on the BBC, or CNN, they provide the links to the data. If you are too lazy to do your own research, that is on you.

PS when you take it you will have joined a great experiment for which you will have not signed up to partake in unlike other medical trials. Everything may be fine for a few months or even a few years, and then who knows, the allergies, the automimmune diseases... we have no idea what is out there waiting to bite you on the bum.  These vaccines have passed nothing, they have been allowed under an emergency protocol. Not the same thing.

From my perspective, we here in Grenada are at least being supplied with probably one of the safest vaccines which has Monkey adenovirus in it. Far better IMHO than MRNA which is going to let your own cells turn into an anti vaxx factory, with no history to look back on and science to let you know what the outcomes can be. The adenovirus is more like a regular vaccine.

If push came to shove and circumstances dictated I had to or needed to take a vaccine, I am glad Grenada, and much of the Caribbean is not taking the one you guys are.

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