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#1 Feb 16, 2021 10:00 pm


Has Grenada got it right?

Here's hoping.

Never mind all the over done protocols when we have had zilch in the population for a few weeks, and even when we did, the prompt track and trace got it under control.. Yayyy good on them. It would be kinda nice if they could be a little less anal, and open up when there's no body on the Island, not even in quarantine, and shut things down if we get a break out, instead of this bloody unnecessary crap we are all doing, just because it is mandated.

However what I am building up to... You people who swallow tons of sheite as if it is gospel, and are ready at the drop of a hat to scream antivaxx at the first opportunity. Maybe just maybe the vaccine that the Caribbean has adopted, is the one with the least potential negative outcomes. Oxford AstraZenica out of India. Which by the way is the second largest medicine manufacturer after America in the World.

Here's hoping it being a more regular vaccine, a monkey adenovirus, as compared to most of the existing mRNA which I wouldn't want to touch with your barge pole let alone mine.

No here's hoping the human trials that are currently under way are efficacious.

I have always hoped the various vaccines would be, but I simply have not been able to trust their methodology, or their results.

Even now with the Oxford Vaccine, they are trailing it on adolescents. Fine, if the kids, and their parents are happy with that, at least they are proper volunteers. However the manufacturers just cannot help themselves. They are giving some the vaccine, and some the placebo.

Salt water placebo you say.... Of course not, why would any vaccine manufacturer actually use an almost 100% safe placebo with nothing other than salt and H20... Nope it’s either the CV19 vaccine, or the Meningitis vaccine... Do we not know that NO vaccine is actually entirely 100% safe, that someone somewhere is going to have some kind of adverse reaction to one or more of the constituents... So how do you justify one vaccine against another. Its just typical Big Pharma skewing the results yet again.

So as always despite what you may think, I hope this vaccine actually works.


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