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#1 Feb 16, 2021 10:47 pm


America getting close

To the 1918 total.

However here's a little context. As we seem to be getting hyped up on numbers.

In 1918, if I remember correctly the death toll was about 500,000. With no lckdowns worth talking about, much worse medication, to the point the prescribed medication actually caused pnuemonia, so while many people were sick with the flue, the medication polished them off. A bit like sticking nearly everyone on a ventilator at the beggining of this pandemic.

However forget all that, what I was going to say was the population in America has roughly trippled in the last century, so if the infection rate was as bad, then by the time it is over there should be 1,500,000 deaths.

Now my congecture is firstly the season is changing, and cases are dropping everywhere, even though no "experts" can understand it in India.

The summer regardless of vaccines will be much quieter, and next flue season around October the numbers will go up again, but no where near as bad, and whether due to a vaccine, or the natural herd immunity, or a combination of both more likely, the severity of illnesses generally will be much less.

However the writing is on the wall that a year on year vaccine program is out there waiting for you. You know the old saying, never give a sucker a break. Welcome to the new normal.


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