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#11 Mar 14, 2021 2:52 pm


Re: Wot the CDC says...

I just want to know when Expat is having his covid vac .
That's all .       Monday ,  Friday  , Next week  ?


#12 Mar 15, 2021 9:02 am


Re: Wot the CDC says...

Real Distwalker wrote:

There is a broad scientific consensus among tens of thousands of scientists, doctors, researchers and statisticians regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines. I am going to put my trust in their collective knowledge rather than some contrarian with an agenda.

I was going to let it lie, as in most convo's it is becoming pointless as it doesn't seem to matter where or how the information comes the level of cognitive dissonence is currently amazingly high.

However, again. THE INFORMATION CAME FROM THE CDC.... duh... The guy that I am parroting IS one of those scientists that says vaccines ARE safe and effective.... he IS one of the TOP scientists who has been making the bloody things.

He also states there is nothing wrong with THESE vaccines... (I don't agree with him on that, but say what)  WHat he states categorically is the time they are being used is utterly and completely wrong for the type  of vaccine they are.

They are prophylactic which means they are meant to be taken BEFORE a pandemic. They as the CDC says do not stop the aquiring of the disease, they do not stop its mutation once you aquire it, it does not stop... although it may reduce transmission. It's sole purpose is to reduce the effects of the disease by up to 95%.

Ergo it will not stop the virus in it's tracks like some other vaccines. All it may do is lower hospital admissions, and maybe reduce severe cases.... Not a bad thing, if it was taken BEFORE we were in a battle with a live virus.

The mutation rate is 1 every 10 hours aparently, and it will according to him... As we all know I am not an expert, but according to him it the vaccine will overwhelm your native immune system with respect to Covid, and similar viruses, and as a result your natural immunity to any version of the virus other than the closest members of that variant will not work, and you will become liable to infection.


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