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#1 Mar 16, 2021 12:04 pm



For  the last 10  or so years  I was not a great Tv watcher .  Being ,  in and out of the sun , and being project  focused. lol . Plus , sun and sea. Take a Tv break.
This Covid lockdown -  in the North   , forced   , staying inside , reading , internet and TV .

Now catching up  -  the   Tv keeps surprising  me  .

Presenters , ( lo  , I learned that word for a Tv host (talking head )  in the  island. Lo.
....... What a shock !!   All manner of Hosts on the tube these days.  + programs . Lawd !

Black , Indian ,  Chinese , Muslim ,   and all  combinations .
No wonder some white  people  are having  heart attacks.   smh. lol.

Multiculturalism  and socialism ..... taking over the world   .  lo

Some are just cracking up . Jeez
White privilege gone too far ,  now recoiling .

2021.    as the world turns.


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#2 Mar 16, 2021 4:01 pm


Re: Multiculturalism

I guess you must have been on a far far desert Island not to see what has been going on progressively for decades.

Destpite the abhorant level of white supremacy, and the odd glass ceiling, just about everywhere you go in places other than America, and improvements are happening there as well... Just that the hold outs are holding out despite the turning tide. But as Educated folks ratchet up the scales within companies the old ceilings are starting to fracture.


#3 Mar 17, 2021 10:14 am


Re: Multiculturalism

I never realized that they have  so many beauties in the world from  Africa to Greenland. lo.


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