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#1 Mar 19, 2021 3:34 pm

New Historian

Living with a genius

For a few months at the U of Michigan I shared a room with an official genius. What a nightmare:

Michael “Grecht” is still an officially registered genius; ranked in the top thirty of all time. He started taking university courses aged nine. He never went to high school and by twenty was finishing off his Doctoral thesis in Mathematics at the University of Michigan. Despite being a genius – or maybe because of it - he was an absolute nutcase. If you wanted to typecast the classic university geek, Mike Grecht was your boy: wide eyes, big sticky-out ears, a shock of ginger hair and a mouth that never closed. He had never left home, never been away from mommy and Daddy, never made up a bed nor held a broom.

“Gee,” he’d say as he prodded at the dust under his bed, “I’ve never done this before!” He was an avid collector of comics, reading them with a spatula and cotton gloves. He could tell you the writer and artist of every DC comic ever sold - and don’t even talk about Star Trek. One day daddy and mommy came to attend some awards ceremony for their flawed genius, then I saw where he got it from. Not the genius; the flaw. They fawned over him like he was their baby, which I guess he was. Daddy tied his tie and mommy combed his hair.

But the worst thing about my boy genius was that every night, and I mean every night, he’d … relieve himself. Hey we’re all human but come on dude, can’t you at least be a bit discreet! Added to that he would never make up his bed or change his sheets so … do I need to paint a picture? One night I couldn’t stand it any longer, in the midst of his “relief” I got up and turned on the light.
“I’ve - had - enough! One of us has to move outta here, and it ain’t gonna be me!” The very next day the university moved him out. They couldn’t have their resident genius being disturbed by some third world exchange student! Admittedly I wasn’t nice, but there’s only so much moaning and groaning one man can take!


#2 Mar 20, 2021 8:44 pm


Re: Living with a genius

Ah geeeed.


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