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#1 Mar 25, 2021 11:22 pm


RD's got it sorted

Just watching one of the latest Top Gears, and they were in "Dad's cars", well My old man did his driving before I was around, so I have to settle for Expats old cars.

Funnily 2 out of the 3 of their Dads cars were Fords , and I instantly flipped back to what was actually the first new car I bought, and what I think is my favourate, a Ford Cortina Mk111. As cars of that era go it was reasonably quick, a little soft on the suspension maybe, but a real family car, and the gear change was as smooth as hot butter. OK, the cam shaft went fairly quickly, but after an improved oil feed, and a new camshaft it was pretty slick.

RD with his Dads car is the way to go. Much more enjoyable than the can't feel the road, high technology things we drive today.

And it made it to Grenada.... OK so my wifes ex husband wrote it off, but I did drive it in Grenada myself.


This is a 4 door and mine was a 2 door, but it's pretty similar in colour and finish.


Retrospective edit. The full car photo was just a green car, my baby was Jade Green Metalic.

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#2 Mar 26, 2021 8:16 am

Real Distwalker

Re: RD's got it sorted

I have one friend who I have known since we were seven or eight years old.  When we were boys we were obsessed with cars.  We built plastic models and learned every make and model on the road.  Today we still get together and talk cars.  It so happens that he and I both drive our dad's cars.  I took this photo of my dad's Chevy and Dennis' dad's Ford parked next to each other at and old style gas station.



#3 Mar 26, 2021 10:17 am

New Historian

Re: RD's got it sorted

Great picture. Back in the fifties and sixties my father loved quality cars, pity his love exceeded his pocket! He bought, sold and crashed a few:

Morris Oxford MO: A big black beast with rounded fenders, lots of chrome and a gear shift on the steering column.

Vauxhaul Wyvern: A four-door saloon with a Griffin on the front grille.

MG Magnette ZA: First of two models he owned in Trinidad.

MG Magnette ZB: It had a “massive” 64 horsepower engine and came out in 1956. His was the Varitone model, with a two-tone paint job.

Standard Ten: A frugal little thing from the short-lived Standard Motor Company, the Ten was in reference to its diminutive horsepower. This was a big comedown for us kids after the luxury of the MGs, so we christened it the Standard Penny – we had high benchmarks!



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