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#1 Mar 29, 2021 9:58 am


So, one victory

Life is always a series of challenges, and in truth most of mine currently are pretty small, apart from staying alive... smile

Anyhoos after a battle with a supply company I have at least been able to rebuild an old iPhine so I can use it as a spare/second phone for UK calls and texts.  What a pain in the butt. But I aint going to drag out the explanation.

Secondly an ancient weedeater that was left over from before I made the permanent move to Grenada. That someone must have tried to fix all those years back.... So, the lost parts, routed cables wrong, etc etc.

So I get it running, and yayyyyy, only to pick it up the next day, and the bloody thing wont start again. Take it down more extensively, clean etc, put it back together it runs like a racing car... and then.... it stops, and wont restart. I am figuring intermittent connection in the coil... so will check that sometime soon... But what a frustrating PIA that thing has been. It's a POS compared to my Sthil, but it could be handy for awkward spots, so I am going to beat its backside until it submits.


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