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#11 Apr 03, 2021 7:55 pm


Re: What I like about the USA.

Now, I may be brain washed. But something tells me I am not. I see what looks like great information from mainline sources, and I love the positivety, white fluffy clouds an all. BUT. THEY have misrepresented so many facts, played word games with things like 95% effectiveness which most people seem to assign to meaning stops you catching, getting ill and transmitting. When certainly at the beggining when it was first said it most definitely didn't, or al least even THEY had no clue as to if it did.

The vaccine brief was stop people getting really sick and filli9ng up the hospitals.  That was it.

Potentially some of those vaccines are actually doing better than they were actually designed to do. So that is good.. Hip Hip, and all that stuff.

If it was simply that, I would roll up my sleeve, bite my lip and have the jab, as according to Slice it is even safer than the regular flue jab that has a 1 in a million death rate as recognised in the stats.  So a no brainer.

But sorry I am happy with my isolation, I will still prefer to see what the knock ons are. It isn't the immediate state of affairs that worries me, its the few months to next couple of years maybe when we will possibly see the strengthened virus come and bite people on the bum.

I want to keep my cells free, so I will be able to help repopulate the World if necessary. I would martyr myself on that alter for the greater good.

While most mainline sources state "experts say" my sources say experts say, and here is the data, sometimes going back 20 or 40 years. No one in the info bases I use are deliberately misinforming, they actually provide the data links for people to make up their own mind. It's called informed consent.

Something a Government near you is trying to irradicate.


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