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#1 May 25, 2021 1:55 pm


What is missing - ---- From World Politics.

NO   one to look up to.   Most  Govts that is .

US deadline ; Repubs leaders + McCarthy  have condemned incendiary remarks  by Marjorie Green after she publicly compared mask rules  to the Holocaust.  lol.
What high road is he trying to travel on , after he and US Congress  still say the US election 5 months old was/is stolen.

Belarus : Alexander Lukashenko and hijacking an international Air line.
Covid , BLM -police  and voter suppression. US.
China and ethnic minorities.
Israel /Gaza ... Now the United  Nations  has to take our monies and rebuild Gaza . For the next demolition.

NO TRUST.     .......... we are in LIMBO.  ..... an uncertain period of waiting a decision or resolution ,  the World that is.


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