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#1 Jun 09, 2021 9:53 am

New Historian

Urban Dictionary: Dally

Ninety-five percent of all Jamaican bikers are certifiably insane. Okay that’ a bit unkind; only ninety percent. On top of the everyday variety of Jamaican badness, Jamaican bikers are possessed of an even more virulent strain of exhibitionism: they are the ultimate poseur. For starters there’s no such thing as helmet laws: how can you flash your locks in a helmet? The most important piece of a Jamaican biker’s safety equipment is his darkers.

And then there’s dallying: the uniquely Jamaican style of riding a bike. For normal mortals, the laws of gravity and common sense dictate that when riding around a corner you lean into the corner. Not so with dallying. To properly “dally roun’ de corner” the rider leans in the opposite direction to the bike, as he weaves his way through the traffic, screwface rigid. Even when there were no corners you’d see guys dallying down a perfectly straight road, just for stylee.

The dallying king of Kingston was a Rastaman (who else?) who rode a yellow and chrome Honda 350-4. With his waist-length dreadlocks flowing behind him he cut a swathe through the clutter of Kingston traffic, dallying and diving like a Rasta Dervish. I once saw him take a corner by Grant’s Pen at breakneck speed, only to buck up on a minibus stopped to pick up a fare.

I winced, certain I was about to witness the demise of the dread. Chi-ching! Sparks flew as he flung the bike one way then the other in the blink of an eye, avoiding bus, car and stray dawg in quick succession. Like everyone else who witnessed that piece of sublime riding, I was agog. The dread flashed his locks and rode on, cool as an ital cucumber. Jah!


#2 Jun 09, 2021 4:33 pm


Re: Urban Dictionary: Dally

Lo . ' Dallying'
" I remember that word ,   youngsters with bicycles ... lo.

'Today on the island streets ..riding on the rear wheel  of a motor bike  , bobbing and weaving ... through traffic .
.. people around  ""' Those ass holes gine kill themselves .... but Lord !!.
lol smh.


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