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#1 Jun 23, 2021 12:08 pm


St Lucian/Canadian winner of Griffin's Canadian Poetry Prize.

In their citation , jurors hailed lubrin's sophomore collection as  " spectacular feat of architecture , called a poem ".
Structured in 7  acts the * DYZGRAPHXST " use different iterations of ' I ' TO DECONSTRUCT SELFHOOD AS IT EXISTS IN RELATION TO THE MODERN CONCEPTIONS of  individual , colonialism and meritocracy .
.. Canisia Lubrin  emerged as a- word-smith to watch  with her 2017 debut book of poetry  ' VOODOO HYPOTHESIS ' a subversion of the imperial construct of ' Blackness '  expressed through an intricate blend of caribbean Creole , english Patois and baroque language.

The Whitby Ont , based writer , critic , editor , and teacher was born and raised in St Lucia  and hold degrees from York and Guelph .

> google NH  and others.                               .... Canadian Press

...BTW ..... excuse me .... the cash was 65 K.     

....sorry about that. lol.

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