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#1 Jul 07, 2021 6:48 pm


Neo Fascism in the USA. - Beware.

Heads out of the sand people.

....   Trending now  , on  rated TV and radio shows .
THE TOPIC ;;    the Repubs  and Q-anon , are  pals .
Q now actively   corralling 34% of Evangelicals .

... people  keep yourself informed !!

CRT.... 'Critical Race Theory'  is driving some over the edge.  lol.
Democracy looking shaky ...  White Nationalist  marching  ... chanting , " we taking back our country "   even if it means Civil war , they say.

>> it is  striking how  - DEFENSIVE -  Americans are  ,  trying to talk about race  and voting rights , CRT and money making   and fairness. (privilege )
26% of Repubs are High Rt Wing . 
Trump must be reinstated in months .  .... or else.  ( mainstream news people ) smh.
............ I could go on , but , do your own checking.

*Morning  Joe*  Show   ,  had a good  one   ' trying to educate himself and his viewers about the above. attention people.


#2 Jul 23, 2021 10:53 am


Re: Neo Fascism in the USA. - Beware.

I do hope RD and the other guy has been paying attention to US politics.

Who I miss now are the -- political advanced posters --  of Western politics  and they thoughts of the  TODAYS  World on   Spiceisland Talk  Shop .

No thoughts of Haiti , Cuba , China    Afganistan  , storming of the Capital , restricting of  Us voting.

OH  ,,,,whoa  are we . lol.


#3 Jul 26, 2021 11:30 am


Re: Neo Fascism in the USA. - Beware.

Is like you been asleep.  Wake up nah.


#4 Jul 27, 2021 10:45 am


Re: Neo Fascism in the USA. - Beware.

"   You made a mistake    .   This is not RD  . He is confused about  his country   after years of  distorting history  ( his  own by the way ) lol.

' He plays he is ah- sleep.'  " who can blame him.'
This is so sad.

It continues today , looking into the Capital insurrection  of the 6 Jan , starts today. The Trauma laid out in  DC.

Slice you still watching Fox News. ..... not good . lol.

Did you see EXPAT ?.   IS he still lucid ? "
you can answer , its a man thing."

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