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#1 Jul 13, 2021 11:52 am


KARMA .... What a lesson for UK soccer.

Boos  and hate , for people of color   +  others     for   " Taking a Knee"   

* Then justice.

All 3 guys of color miss goals.   England lose.   KARMA is a Bitch. lol.

I am remembering an 'old people '  saying  """  Da fu lick yuh '''''

' Do the right thing as Spike Lee would say .'

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#2 Jul 14, 2021 10:44 pm


Re: KARMA .... What a lesson for UK soccer.

Seems like I am  not the only one  that  thought England's soccer fans  are 'thugs'   .

SPORT  is WAY over hyped .... JUST for the money. Modern day slavery. Self ?  for the money .

> Police claim Euro 2020 final was nearly abandoned due to 'disgraceful' fan behavior outside Wembley.
.> " add to that racist hostility towards their own players after the final..... " Dear Englishmen , that was unsportmanlike behavior ,,, we did not know it from you  ,,, and never want to see it again .

......... No surprise to me .  Part of the culture. ,,,,,,, yeah , yeah ,  Mary tell them .

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