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#1 Apr 02, 2017 3:13 pm


Trinidad = Corruption & Trickery (from new books by Trinidadians)

The title is based on an article in today's "Sunday Express" that addressed the disturbing issue. Some may say that the statement is quite true. The article, nicely written, examines the reflections and findings of 2 recent publications by Trinidadian authors on the issue. Those authors are being very frank about the problem. Here is an excerpt from one of the books:

"A man named Fullarton had been sent on a mission to investigate complaints of corruption against governor Picton.

But “less than a week after he left, it was discovered that Fullarton had cleaned out the Trinidad Treasury, which on his arrival six months earlier had been 100,000 dollars in balance, the savings of six years.”

From the writings of Naipaul and Lovelace, Farrell finds substance for his conclusion that the Trinidadian attitude to corruption is one in which perpetrators are viewed with “grudging admiration for their 'intelligence' in pulling off their deceptions”.'

Read more at this link: … ay-of-life


#2 Apr 03, 2017 9:11 am


Re: Trinidad = Corruption & Trickery (from new books by Trinidadians)

So ah was complaining about how business is done in Grenada, to me Grenadian PADNAH living in Trinidad.  He said boy shut up, you have no clue what the hell is going on in Trinidad.  He say doing business in Trinidad is ah million times worst than Grenada.  Every thing about Trinidad is corrupt.

Here is what turn me off about you story, you mention Naipaul.  That sorry ASS Indian, thought he was better than every Caribbean person, He thought he was ah white man.

I am married to ah Trini and ah hear the stories over and over and over again. Sometime is seriously wrong with Trinidad.


#3 Apr 05, 2017 8:58 pm


Re: Trinidad = Corruption & Trickery (from new books by Trinidadians)

The Trinidadian saga is a tough one to take even though there are some truths to the topic that I posted. Coming from Trinidadians themselves, the criticisms mean that some of them are really fed up with what's going on.

Naipaul, I know, has rubbed a lot of West Indians the wrong way. So, I am not surprised that his name caused that type of reaction from you.


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