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#1 Sep 24, 2021 10:32 am


What A Shame

September  21- 25 .  2021 .  'End  Of Summer'  Up North , we say .
Last week was the last weekend of Summer. Lo.
' Anyhow  these  last couple of days  , we are going through the September Equinox ...

Ok ,  What the  is that ?  SUn exactly above Earth's equator ,  nearly equal days and nights.

So , end of Summer . Finishing my' hands on'  back yard shed . Lo. 'call me a contractor '
Barebacks outside   is now   like finding  $10 on the street.

BUT i have been keeping up to speed on most news. Even  Gree .

  ***  Covid running rampant , country and Town , isle and islettes .

WHY ?  Greers ?       ......... gotta do a better job peoples.

*GET Vaccinated.


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