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#1 Oct 19, 2021 6:51 pm


Woman Raped on Philadelphia Subway .. People did nothing.

" Despicable and  Disturbing .... some of the words being used "

3 days ago a woman was raped on the subway.   Bystanders  did nothing .. took out cell phones.

  ****   State of Denmark.   ..... says Shakespeare.

No justice ,No good police system , Trump won Election , Biden not President.
A lot of US Media , out to sea , doing a hatchet job on the country.  Would not call for Trump to be locked up.
People see the injustice and unfairness , now fear and terror in the average citizen .' I can do the same '

That's the climate  citizens , that's what you get , WHEN ,  Trump is KING. lol .
" last week Trump said he did not have and 'golden showers' in Russia  __--  'most knew Putin has him on tip-toe ' Wonder  what Putin has ? lol.

..... anyhow , back to the rape ......... where is the courage to do the right thing , from the White House to the Subway.


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