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#1 Oct 27, 2021 1:20 pm


Can You Surprise Yourself .... PIayer Piano

Well I did  , writing  of  threats of lynching in the "Hawkeye''  state.

While pointing out the current  BLM  not news ,  - to  pin point my observation - -  lo

I started humming this  song.  >>>>' Cruising/ Sailing down the River on a Sunday Afternoon'

" Where the heck did that  song  ,  appear  from ,
I had to think ; did some googling.'

Cause me to remember some  OLD LADIES  from the island .

One went to the USA in 40ies- - 50ies . Brought back  home a PIANOLA.
Now a PIANOLA is also called a player piano. ....  which  has a music scroll  that is activated  and you hear the tune being played.. Her family lived right opposite us. So we could hear and listen. ...... must have hear it  growing up .  # 1

Number 2. Another OLD lady living above us , to the right of us  lol ,  had a brother  and mother  that had emigrated  to the USA in the 20ies or 30ies  and returned in the 50ies
  This old lady Ms Lash,  treated me like the son she never had and would take me up to visit the JCB in the 60ies.

Number 2 brought back  , a gramophone and lots of 78 records ,Paul Robeson , Duke Ellington , Ella , and others you get the drift. * sailing down the river on a Sunday afternoon *
I could very well have remembered her playing those old songs.   

*For Sailing down the river on a Sunday Afternoon*  was a hit in 1949 in the US , she had it , played that song and  brainwashed me  . lmao.

Anyhow  - long story short.    * sailing down the river on a Sunday afternoon *   made me remember two fine OLD Ladies.

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