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#1 Nov 25, 2021 10:16 pm


Winter Begins.

As far as I  am concerned  when you push your 'windbreaker' to the back of the closet  ,  an
dust off your  regular winter coat  ,,,,,,  winter begins.
That was a couple of days ago  ,
There is a bite in the wind  and you dash around , house to car , 10secs . You forget sometimes , just your sweat shirt , no coat lo.

So Thanksgiving is in the Air.
"Small mercies , thank you lord "  lol.
Soon Santa will be coming down the chimney.

' I started a little project 2 weeks ago ,
paint over the basement . 
I am 1/2 way , resting every other day ,
But its invigorating , getting fit .
On time for Xmas.

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