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#1 Nov 28, 2021 3:55 pm


Tall Tales must be in 7th Heaven .

Music .
I woke up this am  ' Snowing - Large Snow flakes' . 1st of the season , 3 ins at least.
If it was not up North , and snowing , I would have thought I was on the island .
' a large cane fire
dark feathery ash , tendrils
just  floating in the air
taking  all the time
getting down. '
couldn't care less. lol '

What's going on in the nation  ? TV.
Beatles Faces  , a long time ago , smiling at me .  .....pleaseeeee.  * GET BACK *  de Beatles.
Last couple of days on radio and TV  white people going all ga-ga over the new documentary  about de Beatles.
# Greatest Band the world has ever seen .
# Better than  - can be 'put into words '
I turned off the radio , maybe ,  I changed channel . lol
BUT our resident Cruise Liner hater  , de Englishman , would be in 7th heaven. ' John Lennon being his pal an all.



#2 Nov 29, 2021 11:23 am


Re: Tall Tales must be in 7th Heaven .

You ent easy you know.  You know NH stand for something.  BTW it's been awhile since ah spoke to Expat, must send him text.


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