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#1 Dec 26, 2021 2:49 pm


Miracles at Christmas . Believe it or not. Lo

I like good news , different news.
Some  caught me the last days   .

  #  1

Prime minister of Canada ..... Justin Trudeau  said..

>>  WESTERN STATES need a united front against divisive China. ( different foreign policy baby)
This is to prevent  the  Asian  State from using commercial interest , to play them against each other .  ( - being played ).

>> Pres Biden  , trying  , doing a service from his Country.  A real Patriot.
A real US politician ..Lo.
Biden says he support making an exception to the Senate filibuster rules  in order to pass voting  rights legislation .  ..... boss of a move.

But back to Canada's PM  comment .... ''' changing  the dialogue Trudeau , way to go.

>>>> BTW .... Trudeau's  birthday  was yesterday  ....  Dec 25  Xmas day.

Xmas gift to Western States. LO.

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