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#1 Jan 06, 2022 2:42 pm


That's A good Question.

Yeah, yeah , yeah ,  lol . Dancer is fine.
Just haven't made any effort to fine some New Years resolutions .... yet  . lol.
A different Xmas period . So now !

  Having a smoke ,   ( legally islanders .lol  sad   )Watching  the story of the US  Jan 6  20  insurrection  on live TV .
Deep into winter , TV it is  ,,   >>>> Lockdowns  Every where . The 4 wave striking.

Movies  :    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court ................  1949.   Nicely   filmed  in Technicolor . and a laugh out loud  movie. - u tube baby.
Some  various music .... ahhhh  Piano from the 40-50s something else , jazz that is.

  COVID : Stay , Keep at home .  ..... but

" I had to drive a little out of the city , passed this  industrial  'mall'  .
Driving In front of a building    ....  a Canoe.
It was like a flash of light ....  'don't be jealous ,    (  says Slice  )
Buy a canoe , a plastic canoe
Some have schooners , even rickety schooners
Some  have canoes .
Even Plastic canoes

....smh .lol


#2 Jan 06, 2022 2:51 pm


Re: That's A good Question.

But how the hell you like to BAWL! out me name so?  Ah hope you know ah doh like man.  I love me some woman.


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