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#1 Jan 14, 2022 2:18 pm


What Spices Does Grenada Produce.

People Ask

The West Indian island of Grenada is often referred to as Spice Island , a name it earned  for its wealth of spices.
Which were highly prized during the Colonial era.

Present day Grenada is a leading producer of Cinnamon , Cloves  , Ginger , Bay leaf , Turmeric and Nutmeg.

>>>>>  I wonder if RD is in Therapy.  A past-time  , especially now . smh. sad. lo.
Covid/ politics everyday out of the US is sad.
Bad apples in the American Pie.

One must show empathy. The guy in the sky says.

"Slice send  some Gree Spices to RD.   ....  You got his ham. "  smh.

........... Side Note  :: Natural Health.
Those spices named are the 'rage' of doctors dese days.

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#2 Jan 17, 2022 5:21 pm


Re: What Spices Does Grenada Produce.

You keep on underestimating that White boy from Iowa.  For all you know RD might have more connection to Grenada than me.  Maybe you trying to pick ah fight with RD, simple because he white.  Leh me say this, you go lose that fight concerning Grenada and RD.

I have sworn secrecy, so ah can't say nothing.  I think the best way to say this, is stop the RD thing and Grenada.


#3 Jan 18, 2022 1:42 pm


Re: What Spices Does Grenada Produce.

... 'Slice this is Dancer . '

>  Slice MOST times  ( or maybe all the time ) lol , you do not get the nuances of my political discourse. And RD is smarter than you give him credit for. .

....  2022 . Once a year I have to repeat ..... I do not want to get any personal stories , secrets etc , where you live , who you know - no interest -  from anyone on TS.  Let them live their lives .
What I react to is what a poster writes  , and expresses themselves. ' One of the  main  reasons I am here is to  show the other side ,  of  some posters  with one sided beliefs.

.... ' So don't be with the BS about fighting with Rd and stop the RD thing and Grenada....  That BS is what you like , leave me out.

Ah got something for you ..

... Ask RD (Repub) man from IOWA  which is one of the States  that passed Voter Suppression Bill ... Why ?
.... I know its Ok with WHman
.... How about you .  Do you support the voter suppression laws ?


""  Lord I just got it .hahaha

The secret ::::  RD wants  to be a Caribbean migrant.  If things fall apart in his homeland.
LOL..... Is he buying a passport for  Gree.
Lord Have mercy. lol.

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