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#1 Jan 25, 2022 4:14 pm


New Space Telescope Reaches Final Stop - Millions miles out .

Canadian Press :
Yesterday ?

Cape Canaveral ::: 
The World's biggest ,  most powerful  Space Telescope , reaches its final destination  millions of miles from Earth  on Monday , a month after it lifted off on a quest to behold the dawn of the Universe.

How the technology working....            ( Covid ? ..... bring it on

* On command , The ' ....  .... ' space telescope fired its rockets trusters for nearly 5 mins to go into orbit around the Sun , at its designated spot , NASA confirmed  the operation went as planned. *

>>> Wonder why Expat and dem   , don't get with it  ( the no-vacers )
" we have being using medicines for a long time  , we are just more High-tech .

Orbiting   so  far , far out dey
No easy feat.
We are the Aliens .lol

Slice -  what's the name of this new telescope ?  Study Time.
Thank you .


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