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#1 Apr 05, 2022 9:07 pm

New Historian

Pirates ahoy!!!

My latest broadside (pun intended), about this government letting all kinda foreign boats take business away from our Grenadian cruise operators. … tMdGyvsawg


#2 Apr 06, 2022 3:42 am

Wide Sargasso Sea

Re: Pirates ahoy!!!

Promoting and protecting the interest of our local residents is our first priority! But our government has not always been fair in that area. We've always put the interest of foreigners-- tourists, before ours and that is a problem that we have. I am not anti-foreigners, but 'undesirables' do change the moral of our tiny island nations. NH, " It is alleged that at least one of these boats operated ‘pirate tours’, illegal and uninsured day-charters, for about a year, and instead of punishing him, the government rewarded him, by giving him a license. On Sunday, 27 March 2022, two of these foreign boats were photographed off Grand Anse Beach, both clearly over-crowded...." Clearly, big people in high places have permitted this situation to occur. There will always be corruption and favoritism in our policies. But we must always remember that our island home is not inferior to Europe or America. If we flip this scenario, we bloody well know that bigger nations would have stopped this occurrence. The next thing you'll know NH is that Grenada will have a foreign nudie charter boat with 'swingers' sailing by with the luscious tropical wind blowing through their hair.


#3 Apr 06, 2022 1:44 pm


Re: Pirates ahoy!!!

Cool  NH .  got a little 'gig' at  the  seeming upscale' NOW -GRENADA '.  Looks good too .'
Are you sure they know they have a good 'one' ?
A manager /producer , consultant , ideas ,  " don't be shy '. ( that is for me not you . lmao. )
Anyhow  don't share ' all at once '
meanwhile  :  Finish  ?  that play/skit ?
* outside the 'Convenience Store ' . Waiting for the bus or Trolly london ...lo
School children  , going into the store and Bla , Bla. :  IT EVEN had a moral or something to the story. LO.

No rush but post sometime .....


#4 Apr 07, 2022 8:22 am


Re: Pirates ahoy!!!

I was shocked to learn that the Carriacou boat and plane is not government owned and operated.  Ok I get that, but I just think the Government must give some kinda subsidies for successful operation.  It seems the plane is not doing so well.  I think this is where the government intervenes to make sure the plane works.

The SHITE Grenadians settle for is mind blowing.


#5 Apr 07, 2022 7:34 pm

New Historian

Re: Pirates ahoy!!!

Here you go Dancer, always happy to please my "fans" (?) smile

The Headmaster of St. Greg’s was John Drum, a roly-poly man with a unique way of administering justice, to me at any rate. He taught me a lesson I would never forget. Again, it was a girl that got me into this piece of trouble. Every evening after school, the students from St. Greg’s would gather at the corner of Kenton Road and Woodcock Hill, to await their respective buses home. I lived just around the corner from school and didn’t take the bus, but still hung around with the rest anyway - where else was I supposed to meet girls?

“Brian, I’m starving.” Cooed this teen temptress. “Can you get me a Mars Bar, pleeease?”

I didn’t have the nine pence for a Mars Bar, that was a lot of money for a boy on a budget. But when she looked at me so pleadingly, her eyelids fluttering, something stirred, deep within me: I knew I had to … satisfy her. Can’t buy her a Mars Bar? No worries, I decided on the spur of the moment: I’ll nick one. There was a sweet shop on the corner by the bus stop, and every day, hundreds of hungry kids would pile in after school, craving anything sweet and sticky. It was common practice for some boys to plunder the goodies, sitting invitingly on the shelves, stuffing their pockets while the old man’s back was turned. I don’t know how the poor man ever made a living. I’d never done it before, but figured that now was as good a time as any to start. I walked into the shop and adopted the shoplifter’s Standard Operating Procedure:

“Hello Sir. Can I have a threepenny gobstopper, please?”

Even when robbing him blind, I was unfailingly polite. The old man looked skyward, muttered to himself, reached for the footstool, climbed onto it, and reached up to the uppermost shelf for the jar of threepenny gobstoppers, a huge ball of hard candy that took hours to dissolve in your mouth.

“What colour d’you want?”

“It doesn’t matter.” I said, stuffing a Mars Bar into my blazer pocket, and for good measure a Lion Bar as well. “Any colour will d…”

Clamp! Something grabbed me by the back of my neck and squeezed, hard. Like a vice.

“Gotcha, you bleedin’ little toerag!” A hot harsh voice breathed directly into my left ear. “I knew you little sods was robbin’ me dad blind, now I’ve got proof! Dad, call the Police!”

How I didn’t shit myself right there and then, I will never know. Apparently, the monster with the claw of steel was the shopkeeper’s son, a boxer in the Royal Navy, who’d been hiding behind the curtains at the back of the shop, waiting for the first little tea-leaf (thief) to try and steal from his father. And guess who that first little tea-leaf was? The old man fixed his kindly eyes on me and was surprised. He liked me, as I was one of the few kids who was always polite. No, he says, don’t call the Police. Call the school.

Thank you! I gave a silent benediction. Now if we can only keep this away from Dad! By this time everyone had seen me get caught, and when I was frog-marched up the road to St. Greg’s I did the walk of shame, through dozens of chuckling schoolmates - bastards! When we got to the school, Mister Drum was still in his office, dammit. The giant and I sat in the reception, by which time he’d released his grip on my neck. A bit. He was determined to see justice done, and punishment administered. He led me into Drum’s office, cowed, bowed and penitent. Drum berated me for my deplorable lack of moral fibre.

“Stealing!” he fulminated, spraying me with fine spittle.

“Stealing! The most despicable crime a boy could commit! Worse than a crime: a sin!” More spittle. Then he got to the important part:

“I know your father.” I quailed.

“Your father is a teacher, just like me. I have a great deal of respect for your father. This will break his heart, to find out that his boy is guilty of … stealing!” He paused for effect.

“Because I have so much respect for your father, I will not tell him of today’s despicable episode.”

THANK you!! Because any punishment from Drum would be peanuts, compared to what Dad would do to me. He’d kill me, and bury my body in the back yard, nothing less. Drum ordered me to pay damages to the shopkeeper, of ten shillings. Ten shillings? But the Mars Bar only cost nine pence! Drum shot me a look. Fine. Plus of course the obligatory six of the best, the owner’s son watching on with grim satisfaction. And that was that: no police, and best of all: no Dad – phew! I went home and told Tom and Gerry about my close shave, swearing never to steal ever again. End of story. Hah, if only.

The next morning, school gathered as usual in the hall for assembly. After hymn singing and information from various form masters, Drum took to the lectern for his usual morning talk.
He came straight to the point:

“Yesterday evening, I was faced with a most unpleasant situation.” Uh-oh.

“One of my boys, one of our St. Gregory’s boys, was found guilty of…” Pause. “Stealing!”

He went on, and on, about the moral depravity of this boy, how he could stoop so low as to steal! From a poor shopkeeper. How this boy had brought shame on himself, his family and the proud name of St. Gregory’s. I thought: proud name - this dump? Hundreds of eyes turned my way, breaking into barely suppressed giggles. I grinned sheepishly, tough it out Brian, tough it out. Then Drum put the boot in.

“But the boy repented; he wept before me, went down on his knees and begged for forgiveness!”

What??? I was staggered, what are you talking about! Wept? Begged? No, I never! The whole assembly looked accusingly at me: you cried? Bawled like a baby? In front of Drum? You wuss! I mouthed my indignation: he’s lying! As the assembly finished and the teachers filed out behind the headmaster, I could swear he smirked at me as he walked by. Bastard!

I never stole anything again – cured!

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#6 Apr 08, 2022 7:37 pm

Wide Sargasso Sea

Re: Pirates ahoy!!!


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#7 Apr 08, 2022 8:57 pm

New Historian

Re: Pirates ahoy!!!

"I'm reformed! Model prisoner, I've turned straight, honest Guvner, on my saintly mother's life, I swear!!"

"Your mother? That wretch who dragged you up in the gutter died 10 years ago, you scoundrel!"

Hmm, sounds Dickensian? More???


#8 Apr 10, 2022 1:01 pm


Re: Pirates ahoy!!!

Thanks  NH.    Was that  a  'reformed version ? .  Lots of stuff   , you can go different directions  with that stuff.
Church ?  lol
a little humor
You just gotta do more with that episode .

****     ****   .###
Seeing the light. Lmao. Like always   Twilight .... but who was   really looking.
Just behave . lol.


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