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#1 Apr 26, 2022 10:27 am


Democracy and Capitalism don't go together.

All over the 'real' world ...... unspoken  by very present . 'This democracy and Capitalism  ain't working .

Most of the Kings and Kingdoms  ,   ....  half naked ,  some no clothes .
verbalized in the US of A .  ....  The Donald you 'Flip the Bird ' . lo

.... One of our local Newspapers   Toronto Sun ...... raggish , but reading is good . lo

Todays's paper headline  or lines .

>>>>> > Flip the Bird  ---- *calling free speech the bedrock of Democracy*
" Elon Musk  buys twitter for 44  Billion ? <<<<<<<

I am left with this .  Who is running the   show ... world  GOVTS or Capitalism  ,

So now being talked about in the bastion of Capitalism , out in the open .

Democracy and Capitalism , don't seem to be the answer .

Who voted for Elon Musk....... Not me .
You ?


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