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#1 Apr 14, 2017 5:48 pm


Neva truss a know it all call centre agent.

Yesterday I booked Wifey next Annual trip out to Grenada.

Some 2 months ago I did the same for me.

My booking sweeeeeet, as I had always just booked on line, and then paid flight changes when I knew when the return date would be.

By chance I mentioned to MY call centre person, Oh, and as usual I will change the return leg as it is out of range at the moment.

"Oh, I'll make a note on the system so they don't charge you she says".

Wifeys booking Mr smart arse says oh no, that'll be £150 to change it as she was out of airmiles, and it's always been like that.   Err No say I, because I can't book the full year I have to rebook, and it's free. Nope says he, and I'm buggered.

15 minutes later I call back and speak to another lady, and ask to review my booking. Before I can open my mouth she says..."Oh I see you have a waiver on the rebook".... To which I say... funny you should say that.   Why didn't I get that for my Wife's booking.

Abracadabra.... Oh, lets check her booking for you.... and I have amended that for you, it is now on the system for no charge on rebook.  So sorry the previous DH must have been new.

£150 saved thank you very much.

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#2 Apr 14, 2017 6:28 pm

Real Distwalker

Re: Neva truss a know it all call centre agent.

Who knew that was so easy?  Not me.


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