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#11 Apr 18, 2017 12:27 pm


Re: Grenada Marijuana Laws

Expat wrote:
Calypso wrote:
Slice wrote:

Selling to America, will take some work.  There is so much damn money in this thing it is crazy.  Folks are lining up to be a grower or seller.  As it is about to be legal in Maryland, for limited purposes, black folk in government are complaining, that none one license was given to black folk.

Not sure, if the government of Grenada will be able to penetrate the American market.  They might need to hire someone like RD, with inside connection.

Well, most republican in power thinks weed should be illegal. The AG has signaled, he will go after all states that made it legal.

. … eport-says

The exportation of marijuana in Grenada and Jamaica could push money into our economy. We should have laws in our countries that would regulate how we use it. If we are as permissive as the USA and Europe, we could easily devastate our youths. We should be in it for the money and not for morals. We should enforce the moral code at our end. We don't want lazy pot-heads, lying on street corners smoking the stuff. We need the money that the herb will bring to educate and build our tiny island nations.

I think you have the donkey following the cart on this one.

Firstly there SHOULD be laws with regard to usage.

Primarily that NO one smokes or uses under 16 years at least. Just the same as ... I hope... there are already laws against juveniles smoking tobacco.

Then and this is the cart bit,  The reason you might see indolent youth is not because they are specifically drinking or smoking, it is because there is very little work for them in the first place. Probably 95% of that youth would be missing from the corner if they had work to do worth the effort.

Neither the USA or most parts of Europe are THAT permissive, and America has built a prison service on locking up those caught in the web of small time using.

Please bare in mind the imposition of Marijuana laws were introduced not because they were dangerous drugs, but because in America it was the Mexican immigrants at the beginning of the last century who were culturally using it, and America wanted a way to get rid of Mexicans. Plus they said it would make the Black man a dangerous fiend.... All propaganda.

In the UK I believe it was originally implemented in India... again as a means of control.... nothing to do with the affects of the drug.

I smoked a few joints when I was 17. I have done nothing since, and I was 23 when I stopped smoking altogether, and I never migrated to hard, soft or middling drugs.

Take the money that you would get from the sale of pot and invest in our youths. They are the future. A country cannot thrive when 85% of our youths are hopeless. I've noticed that NYC has open so much programs for their youths. What can Grenada do. What is Mr. Keith Mitchell doing for the youths. Hold him accountable.


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