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#1 Apr 17, 2017 2:30 pm


Happy Easter


Happy Easter to each of You.

May love be our guidance, inspiration and motivation for all our actions.
As individuals, as a humanity, as all Life on Earth and in the Universe.

This year spring is unlike any other I can remember of. Precocious and lush.

End of February already, I was flabbergasted to find some butterflies. And before beginning of April, some green leaves on the trees. And for Easter, wisteria, lilacs, apple blossoms, and all the fruit trees in flower. We are easily two to three weeks in advance.

And oh the birds singing! I am just back from my daily walk through the forest: an ocean of tender, young, fresh, vital green. Something I've been longing for since ... well, last spring. It could be so all year long up to me.

All the fruits are getting ready. And I realise the love it implies: can this be by chance?

I am of no religion, however of intimate and committed spirituality. And my heart tells me loud and clear that there is Love in Creation. What / who is the source of this love?

I know that the idea of the lion and the lamb lying together in peace is true.

I further know that this is in the process of becoming our reality. Teamed with the highest and best intention, with love as our guidance, and with clean and efficient energies: we can make this planet and life a place of a happiness, health and beauty we cannot imagine from where we are right now. But for which each of us is longing more than we know.

I know that such realities exist in other places in the universe. It is not a utopia. We may not know how to get there, but in fact, the key is very simple. It revolves all around love and our lifting ourselves up to that frequency and state of being.

I wish each of you so much happiness!



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