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#11 Apr 20, 2017 5:42 pm



Slice wrote: … id=DELLDHP.

Ok I am ah rat if all is well, that is what the Woman wants.  Leh me say this again, if that is what the woman wants.  As ratish as I am or was, I never ever do this to women.  Ah wonder which women in their right minds, will wanna sleep with Ailes and him?

These suckers preach, as if they are God and they are the only ones, that know truth and behind close doors they are ah bunch of nut cases. Maybe money cause them to tink they are God.  Ah doh know.

If I going to take their side, the latest woman who said she was sexually abuse is kinda weak.  It was more a compliment, ah think.  Then again, ah might not know how a sex predator thinks.

I am surprised that you claim to not know how a sex predator thinks. This comment should not be coming from your mouth. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated. Period. We all have to make a living and when men and women work together they should respect each other and do not infringe upon each other's right. Fire Ml O' Reilly! Set an example and show the world that no one is too big for his boots. Slice, you will be up next!


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