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#1 Apr 29, 2017 7:08 pm


Recognising a Hitler

With hindsight, we all think that it was easy: we'd have recognised Hitler in his own time for the evil in him.

So, do we recognise today's budding Hitlers?

Do we recognise the ill of disregarding another human's integrity? And those who promote it: fear and lies are potent blinding agents.

Could it be that right now, there is a new generation of Hitlers in the making - or already made? And not only failed to being recognised for their fundamentally distorted approach, but being supported and even celebrated.

Whatever the circumstances:

May we never lose touch with what I call the sacred, the divine.

In any case.

May we live with our integrity, sovereignty and dignity, the integrity, sovereignty, dignity and sanctity of all Life as our priority and our caring for it.

In any case.


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