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#1 May 06, 2017 8:51 am


Is it not a SHAME (Rosa Parks)

As usual I hear of these stories from up in the land of the Maple leaf. (days ago)  CBC.

When no one stepped up to save Rosa Parks's  Wooden  4 by 4  house in Detroit .... a white German stepped up.

As I saw  a few minutes  ago NY Times is enlightened. ( May 2 ...Sally McGrane )

>> When no one stepped up to save Rosa Parks wooden house falling apart in extreme disrepair a German artist disassembled it  and shipped it to his garden in   Berlin Germany.

I heard him being interviewed on CBC radio more than a week ago , say that he was asking all over  the US for  funds to save the house ..... no takers.

Ain't it a SHAME.


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