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#1 May 12, 2017 10:03 am


What Do Wise Men Say

Most mornings   5-6 am I turn the radio on to  listen to this am station  , with two talking  heads. A male and female.
Their usual banter range between news worthy and stupid , but it brings a smile and sometimes a hahaha..

Like today ,  ( lets call her Nancy ) the female introducing a music moment  (a song)   the male  , lets call him Adolphus.

Nancy ...   " what does wise men say ? "
Adolphus ... " Only fools rush in "
Nancy ...  " Right , here is one for you , pay attention "
(( apparently Adolphus after a short marriage was recently divorced , and moans about it sometimes )  lol. Nancy is single.

The tract ... I can't help falling in love with you.
As well should all know ELVIS does a bang-up job  on that tune. ( 90 + % )

BUT today they played  .... The Canadian  MICHAEL BUBLE singing  " Can't help falling in love "

Step over ELVIS.


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