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#1 May 16, 2017 7:36 pm

Mt Rich Possi

The Democrats,Hillary doing everything to bring down Trump...

Well by the looks of it the Americans wanted Hillary Clinton in the Whitehouse.   They news media, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats  doing everything in their power to bring down Trump..  They putting fake news and lies on CNN to fool the American people... Because of all this fake news Donald Trump will never have a successful Presidency.

James Comey is very Vindictive... He claim that Trump told him to drop the Flynn issue... My question for Comey that happen months ago why he bringing that up now after he got fired... I smell a rat I think James Comey trying to get back at Trump for letting him go... I never trust that idiot James Comey.... I said before and I am going to say it again... Hillary Clinton should be in Jail for all the nasty things she did...  For all the Trump haters do you think Hillary Clinton would have done better in the Whitehouse.  That woman is the most untrusthworthy woman in the world I am glad she is not the President...

The Democrats can't accept the fact that they lost the Election... Move on Democrats and Hillary Clinton and let Donald Trump do what he said on campaign trail... Make America great again... Give the man a chance and stop bashing him...His supporters will never turn their back on him regardless of how much the media bash him...Bad news for Hilliary Clinton and the Democrats... Donald Trump  will win again in 2020...

Mt Rich Possi


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