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#1 May 21, 2017 7:40 am



I was forced to attend the madness yesterday. Now I know why real Horse Players do not attend the Preakness, just too many crazies.
A crowd of over ah hundred thousand was in attendance,  and it was pure madness.  The betting windows, was always full, one had to be prepared to spend 10 minutes in every line trying to make ah bet.

Very expensive to park. the cheapest seats are over ah hundred bucks.  Me wife bought ah drink for $10.00 and she did not like how the drink was handled and had to throw it away.  Nearly everyone around us was drunk and going crazy.

Some of the ladies reminded me of the pictures RD posted about another race in England. The ladies was just as crazy.  Lord if ah was not with wife and friends, I could compete with RD pictures.  I just could not disrespect the group I was with.

All in all my folks enjoy it, but not me.  Wiffee, had a nice winning ticket for that race and try as much as I can to have her give it to me , so I can cash it today, but she won't.  All in all the group had fun, but not me.

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