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#1 May 23, 2017 12:58 pm

Real Distwalker

Remember several years ago when Talkshoppers hailed Hugo Chavez a hero

Those people were fools.  Venezuela has descended into a hellish poverty just like every thinking person knew it would. 

I don't know how many times the same ignorant people will make the same ignorant mistake, but centralized economic planning does not work!   I will say it again: It does not work.  It can't work.

Washington Post wrote:

Venezuela’s paradox: People are hungry, but farmers can’t feed them

Venezuela’s latest public health indicators confirm that the country is facing a dietary calamity. With medicines scarce and malnutrition cases soaring, more than 11,000 babies died last year, sending the infant mortality rate up 30 percent, according to Venezuela’s Health Ministry. The head of the ministry was fired by President Nicolás Maduro two days after she released those statistics.

Child hunger in parts of Venezuela is a “humanitarian crisis,” according to a new report by the Catholic relief organization Caritas, which found 11.4 percent of children under age 5 suffering from moderate to severe malnutrition, and 48 percent “at risk” of going hungry.

There is one reason for this and it is the evil of socialist central planning.


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