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#1 Jun 02, 2017 7:42 am


Climate Accord and Global Leadership ( att followers )

Like I have always maintained RD gives a good insight into  50% of US thinking . Inadequate . lol.
The planet is suffering ,  our beaches , coastlines , air ,  icebergs are eroding ,  storms increasing ....  BUT  the man from Iowa says Paris Hilton is to blame.  How insulting .  Some  say  it makes their   day.
Well Foreign policy analysts are calling it for what it is.
" It's going to seriously complicate any effort president trump makes to build a counter terrorism coalition OR mobilize the WEST on any set of policy issues "
" It's and odd calculation , they gain nothing from leaving and lose a lot "

>>>> Someone had to say something on RD's post about  the leaving the Climate Accord.  DON ??????

Still on RD's case . ..... His beloved Military .... what says he ?
H R McMaster 3 Star general is being used by Trump , his old military comrades say . A growing cadre of former military advisors are calling for him to retire , worried  the embattled Trump Administration tarnishing  the U.S. Military's reputation by deploying their own personal # Star general  as a political shield.


jeez...   I need  to sit in a classroom. lmao.


#2 Jun 02, 2017 9:06 am

Real Distwalker

Re: Climate Accord and Global Leadership ( att followers )

I was hacking on Trump by pretending he thought the Paris Accord was about Paris Hilton.  That was a joke.  It evolved into a fun thread about hot women causing global warming.  It wasn't just an Iowan engaging in the fun, either.

As for global warming....

Do I think the global climate has warmed?  Yes.

Do I think humans have contributed?  Yes.

Do I think the warming is an existential threat to life on earth?  No.

Do I think that it is all negative and there are no positives? No.

The climate has warmed over the last 40 years or so.  Humans have contributed to that.  It isn't an existential threat to planet earth.  The climate is constantly changing.  The benefit to mankind in terms of quality of life associated with low cost energy, I believe, outweigh the negatives.   There are also benefits to a slightly warmer climate.

In any case, I very much doubt that seven billion humans can orchestrate anything; especially anything as complex as a coordinated, cooperative effort to change the global climate. 

Therefore, I say all we can really do is get ready to do what humanity has always done in the face of changes to the climate: Adapt and overcome.


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