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#1 Nov 25, 2016 11:39 am


Help Noel be the first Grenadian to circumnavigate the Atlantic!

In 2006, Joel Mark became the first Grenada-born to sail across the North Atlantic Ocean alone. Now he is on the first attempt to circumnavigate the Atlantic, in both directions, alone.  But almost halfway through his grueling task, his boat suffered serious damage in two storms and he is now stranded in the Azores islands. He is running short of supplies and desperately needs to repair his boat for the next leg of his journey to Spain, France, and the UK, before returning home to Grenada. The name of his boat is Ga'sietoe in South African Dutch, which means Go to Sea.  The repairs will need to be started within the next few days for him to beat the torturous North Atlantic winter storms. Joel’s story is one of raw courage and faith. It is an inspiration to all of us. Let’s be part of this amazing story. Please send him what you can, knowing that a part of you will be on that boat when he crosses the finish line of his brave journey.

You can see more of his story in pictures and videos on his Facebook page. … ntic-alone



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