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#1 Jun 06, 2017 6:41 am


Fat Albert On Trial

A witness sobbed , burning through tissues while she testified that the famous man gave her a pill and touched her  as her vision blurred.
Attorneys stalked across the well of the courtroom , voices booming in scorn and disgust.
The Cosby Trial...
Bill said , she said " would I do anything to hurt you  ?  trust me "
When she arrived , Johnson testified , Cosby was wearing a bathrobe . He urged her to take a pill to relax.
NB..  Social media,,, says Bill's  TV daughter  shows up to get some of Bill's millions for showing support , Camilla (missing) I think that's her name.  ... sad.
As the world turns'


#2 Jun 06, 2017 6:58 am


Re: Fat Albert On Trial

Did he tie her up and push the pills down her throat?  These women knew what they were getting into.  Now ah doh give ah sheet about Bill, but every person should use their head.  Folks should think.

I have bad allergies. One day this week a very good  friend at work gave me two pills, they say they are very good.  You think ah took them pills?  Hell No I did not.

I think these women was mad because, they were not  conscious, to enjoy what was happening with them.

Why were these women meeting ah man in a Hotel room?

It is very sad, that he drugged them, because they gave themselves to him anyway.

I think he has ah problem in bed, and that is why he drugged them.


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