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#1 Jun 09, 2017 3:04 pm

New Historian

Must-have list for any Jamaican party

Let’s start with the single most important factor in any fete: the set, the mobile disco that comes to rock your house, literally. Arriving in a truck with wall-to-ceiling speakers, mixers, amps and record boxes plus half a dozen “scientists”, all thirsty. From reggae to funk to calypso to rent-a-tile slow music, ending with the musical highlight of the party: the oldies session. Get a good DJ, throw a good party. Get a dud, throw a dud.

Secondly, you need an inexhaustible supply of every conceivable variety of alcohol - and lots of it. There would be all sorts of grumbling if the beer ran out before the party did. An unpardonable sin.

Finally, at around 2:00am the food must be ready: curry chicken, curry goat, rice an’ peas, salad, fried plantain. And fish too ‘cos Rasta don’t eat deaders.

And a cup of red pea soup at dawn to send you home.

Now THAT'S a fete!!


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