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#21 Jun 24, 2017 7:53 pm


Re: DNA Search

I know where I came from when I crave for a good potato. Tell me where to get a nice new one, that's all I need to know.


#22 Jun 25, 2017 6:54 am


Re: DNA Search

While DNA research is very interesting, and I wish to know better about my ancestry:

I do not feel as much defined by my ancestry, as by my approach to life. I can change what other generations have either not been able to change, or have prepared for the change.

I understand being born into a family as our opportunity to transmute, evolve, resolve and heal the specific family issues, which we take on upon ourselves.

I am an individual, with my own individual life/lives history (I know that I lived other times) - not as much the result of other people. We can see it in our family, with five different children, though three of them are triplets: in the identical challenging conditions we grew up, each of us has a different response - with striking differences precisely within the triplets. Individuality is the defining factor.

So I won't blame nor be proud of my ancestry - of course it's hard to carry, if something really nasty happened. But, in fact, it's their own history.

Not even health issues are a fate in my opinion, but can only happen if there is a similar tendency in our own individuality, as much as if this is something we came to experience during this lifetime: in other words, it is not just bad luck, nor condemnation, but a combination of parameters which make sense, and are being experienced only if they are meant to be.

And if these issues are meant to be experienced, a question arises: what can medicine against life? Relieve? Anytime. Avoid? Not likely. Because in my understanding, we came here, in these precise circumstances and conditions of living because we came to transmute and resolve issues which are personal to us, some of them revealed through our family. If we avoided them, we come back until we have transmuted them.

I am grateful for being here thanks to all my ancestors. I understand that their lives were sometimes incredibly harsh and cruel. I am grateful for all the good, and understand that what I perceive as bad, and while I do not approve of it as such, has been part of my ancestors' life experiences, has been part of their evolutionary path, as well as of those involved - nothing is random nor unfair, despite appearances.

Amidst even the sordid, the divine can be found, and surely can be called forth by those who are inspired enough to do so. So many horrible acts in our human history, and so many inspired responses. Could this have been, for a time, a way of interacting meant to be? For a time, because once we reach a certain level of interaction with life, we do not need such harsh "stimulation" any more.

And so, I can be in my own turn the one who responds with inspiration, and transmute whatever an issue, whether family related or individual. I am not as much who my ancestors were as I am who I am - I celebrate my individuality.

This said: I'd love to know more about my family DNA, and I'd love to know my husband's one, but am opting for not doing such a test, as I am not sure of what is being done with as much my DNA, as the result of the research.

Remember or realise: we are living in a world thriving on ulterior motives and exploitation. Honesty? A joke for too many. It applies to every domain. So, until I am in a humanity with purity of intention ...

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#23 Jun 25, 2017 1:23 pm


Re: DNA Search

Vanni wrote:
Expat wrote:

Mr RD, the hypothesis that we all came out of Africa is changing ...

I saw a documentary about Homo Floresiensis: they came to the conclusion that the African route for the rest of the world population was not accurate, and thus that, most likely, Asians - and maybe Europeans too - did not come from Africa.

There will soon be more precise science available than mere deduction from our human vantage point.

I have just ploughed through a ton of verbiage in Wiki about Homo Floresiensis, and I think the key point was somewhat as RD has stated that while of a different strain to modern Homo, and it may have pre dated our strain, it still came out of Afrique.

Usually those documentaries run all around the houses with possible theories, and end up not really letting you be any more certain than you were at the start.


#24 Jun 25, 2017 7:38 pm


Re: DNA Search

For now, our understanding of history and prehistory are all based on our best efforts in matter of logical deduction. So it's one hypothesis against another - how reliable are any of them? I can imagine that with future technologies, we'll get more fact based and reliable insight about history and prehistory than a collection of clues which we combine together. But still thank all the archaeologists, paleontologists & co for their awesome work!


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