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#1 Jul 05, 2017 9:29 am

New Historian

If I was a Vincy I would be mad as hell about this Airport foolishness

So Vincy has now, after MANY delays, opened the new Argyle International Airport - Ralph's billion-dollar monument to one man's ego. It's being called a game-changer for Saint Vincent tourism - but how? The airport subscribes to the theory: If you build it, they will come. But, will they? Have they? Saint Vincent mainland attracts about 50,000 visitors per year. There are no white sand beaches on the island, except for the one they created at Buccument Bay Resort by importing white sand from Guyana. At 150 rooms, that was Saint Vincent's biggest hotel. PS it's now closed up, gone bust, in receivership.

So, why mortgage the lives of your children's children to build this HUGE airport, with no planes? NOT ONE long-haul airline has announced they will be flying there. CAL announced with sleight of hand that they would be offering a "seamless service" from the new Airport to New York, but what that means in practice is that you'll fly on an ATR from Vincy to Port of Spain, THEN you'll get on the big bird to fly to NY! The terminal building is like a big, empty warehouse, they have TWO air bridges but they can't use them, because they can't get down low enough for the little LIAT planes lol!

Ah bwoy, we leaders!! … l-airport/


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