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#1 Dec 04, 2016 4:30 pm

Mt Rich Possi

I am getting sick and tired of Hillary Clinton crying

You know I am getting so sick and tired of Hillary Clinton crying about losing the Election.   Most of the things they say about Hillary Clinton on the Campaign Trail is true... That woman is very corrupt

Hillary Clinton setup Jill Stein to do a recount in 3 states where Donald Trump won by a thin margin.  It's about time Hillary Clinton accept the fact that she lost the Election.   I am glad that she lost the Election she was too cocky thinking that she had the Election in the bag.... When the access Hollywood tape came out Hillary Clinton was celebrating thinking that this was the end of Donald Trump...  But little did she know the American was aware of how corrupt she was...

Hillary Clinton lost the Election because she was too busy partying with Beyonce, Jay Z and that freak Lady Gaga...Not only that hanging out that sick looking Lesbian Ellen DeGenerous...

Donald Trump should send a slap of cheese for Hillary Clinton to go with all she whinning and complaining...Hillary Clinton stop the complaining and accept the fact that you will never ever set foot in the whitehouse again because of your corrupted and untrustworthy ways...  gosh that woman make sick...  What a big Crybaby...



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