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#11 Sep 13, 2018 2:54 pm


Re: RD its GM food time again

Real Distwalker wrote:

The world is a lot better, healthier and longer living than when you were a kid.  I will stick with actual science while realizing that, at some point, death comes calling for us all.   

Read a few old newspapers about polio, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, rubella, mumps, tetanus, rotavirus and Haemophilus influenzae and how they are unheard of today.  That alone should make you realize the benefits.  Science has improved human health in ways that were unimaginable to our grandparents.

Are their negatives?  Yeah, probably but the net effect is hugely positive.  If you need an appendectomy to save your life, you don't obsess over the fact that the scalpel cut was an injury.   You accept it as a small cost for a huge benefit!

We are dashing all over the place... as much due to me as anyone else... conceded...

An Appendectomy is definitely one of the most likely interventions that I don't think anyone except a 7th day might disagree with.

However there are countless surgical interventions that should and could be avoided. Although I was appreciative at the time for a key hole stomach relocation by the following year I realised the surgery had ceased to be effective, and (it was acute acid reflux, and I mean acute pain after every meal almost instant vomiting after eating etc) What I figured out for myself when I started to see the symptoms come back was that much smaller meals and sensible choices in food and drink meant hardly ever getting reflux. So much cheaper and easier than surgery.

Unfortunately I have had many interventions, and most of them were worth while, but Doctors and Surgeons definitely do not have as many of the answers as they think they have.

Funny how the now retired, but head of immunisation in Japan wrote that in Japan and many other 1st World countries immunisation was largely  unnecessary as increased hygiene and living standards had caused the diseases not to be an issue.

Why on earth do they vaccinate a new born child within hours against hep c? they are hardly likely to become drug abusers at that age. They could at least weight until they were 8 by which time they may admittedly be on methodone...

As I said at the outset I do not have the answers to hand, but I did give you links to watch and listen to people that could explain themselves eloquently.

Even your golden corn may appear to be a wonder food, but the ordinary grains we eat nowadays without gm intervention are less digestible or usable to our system than previous iterations of the grain. So our digestive system cannot process it as well as our earlier cousins could their grain.

We are so healthy, yet we have god knows how many allergies and intolerances, much more than we had 100 years ago. We are more like a rusty combine harvester than a new fangled dangled tractor. At the rate we are becoming healthy large swathes of the population will be extinct by 2050.

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