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#21 Sep 20, 2018 9:39 am

New Historian

Re: Go on Blame the Europeans... it's easier that way.

Dancer wrote:
Real Distwalker wrote:

My grandfather was killed in combat in WWII.  At the time, my grandmother was living with my two year old father in Rock Island, Illinois.  When her husband was killed, my grandmother took her son and moved back to her parents' farm in Iowa where my father grew up.  There he met my mother, was married and I was born.

Had my grandfather not been killed in action, he would have returned to his home and job in Illinois, raised my father there and he would have never met my mother.  I would have never been born.

While I recognize the tragedy of my grandfather's death and while I don't think there is any good in it, nevertheless I am glad I was born and must acknowledge it was my grandfather's death that made my birth possible.


What a load of bunkers  ( did not see that word for years, meaning off the wall) .

RD's  grandfather is the cause of his being on TS , talking balls.

Lord !

Was a bit of a stretch but hey ho.


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